Can you Smell a Snake – What do Snakes Smell,Stink Like?

Can You Smell a SnakeSnakes use their tongue to smell and identify things in their environment, but what do snakes smell like to us or do they smell like nothing?

In this article we will see if pet snakes smell of anything, and if they do – what do they smell like.

Not only that, but we will also see If you are able to smell a house in your house if one has somehow got inside your home.

Can you smell a snake?

Yes, you can smell certain Snakes,Snakes can smell different depending on the species of snake but they are often described as musky. The Garter Snake has been said to have a cloying smell and Copperhead snakes are said to smell like cucumbers, although many say this is a myth. Pet snake breeds are often odorless and should not emit any nasty odors. Dried snake poop does not smell and it is often difficult to smell a snake in your house.

What do snakes smell like?

Snakes have been said to have various smells, depending on the species. Lots have been described as having a musky or decaying smell. However, there is speculation that these smells are usually the products of old tales. It is also difficult to define a smell as human smell things differently and some people claim that snakes do not smell of anything. This smell also depends on the state of the snake. For example, some snakes smell different when they are in hibernation and snakes produce a different smell when threatened.

Why do snakes smell & what do snakes smell like

Can you smell a snake in your house?

Being able to smell a snake it your house may be a comfort or a paranoia, either way you may be able to smell a snake in your house. Lots of snakes have distinctive smells, like we have mentioned previously. However, smell is not the most reliable way to determine if there is a snake in your house and you should look for other signs as well. These signs can include snake skins, slither tracks and snake fades which has a very similar look to bird faeces. However, if you can smell something off-putting near a crawl space which you couldn’t smell before, it’s better to be safe than sorry and get that crawl space checked out.

Do snakes give off an odour, is it a bad smell?

The distinctive smell of a snake can be different to odours that it gives off. Snakes can emit odours when they feel threatened or frightened and these odours vary between snakes. This odour is used as a defence mechanism, usually used to try and deter any predators. Usually if you have come across a snake nest it will feel threatened which is why you will remember the distinct harsh odour that you smelled.

Do pet snakes stink?

The thought of snake smell may be something that it off-putting to an owner, pet snakes do not produce as much smell as other pets. Pet snakes will not give off an odour if they are properly cared for and if you do smell something foul from your snake’s vivarium, a trip to the vets may be in order. However, the things that come with keeping a snake such as substrates and humid environments may add a bit of a smell to your house.

What does a rattlesnake smell like, do they smell like cucumber?

Rattlesnakes are long snakes with scales that range from brown to grey and one of its most identifiable features are the two diagonal stripes on the side of its spade-shaped head. Rattlesnakes are known to be one of the more strongly smelling snakes. Their dens have been reported to smell like cucumbers and this is believed to be because of a hibernation odour which is released by the rattlesnake. However, this has been a long-time myth which may lead people to convincing themselves they smell cucumbers when coming across a rattlesnake den. This work was done by Laurence Monroe Klauber, this article goes into further detail on his book .There is also the possibility that the reason there is a cucumber smell is due a snake dying inside its den.

What do copperhead snakes smell like, do they have an odour?

Copperhead snakes are medium length snakes with hourglass-shaped reddish-brown crossbands. These crossbands are over a background of tan or salmon coloured scales. Copperhead snakes have been noted to have a musky smell that surrounds them, though it is said that it is not a particularly pungent smell. People have also cited that copperhead snakes smell like cucumbers.

Why do copperhead snakes stink like cucumber?

Cucumber is a scent that people have often compared snakes to. It is said that this cucumber smell is emitted when the copperhead is touched or feels threatened. Scientists however have argued that this is not true and that there are other explanations for the cucumber smell surrounding copperhead snakes. One of these is that the plants may be producing this smell as copperheads are pit snakes found in mainly heavily wooded areas.


What do garter snakes smell like and do they have an odour?

Garter snakes are very common and are mostly harmless. They are medium-sized snakes that are known for their three distinctive stripe that run down their back. Garter snakes seem to be one of the more foul-smelling snakes. When threatened, they emit an odour that is described as a bad smelling musk. Snakes enthusiasts may debate slightly about the specific smell but they all see to agree that it is a memorable smell you won’t soon forget.

Cottonmouth snakes, what do they smell like?

Cottonmouth snakes, also known as the water moccasin, has also been described as a snake that gives off a heavy odour. It gets its name from the light colouration from inside of its mouth. They are venomous snakes which usually have brown or grey scales. Cottonmouth snakes give off their smell, which is described as a dank musk, when they feel threatened, and it does so via a secretion from near its tail.

Do some snakes smell like watermelon?

If some snakes smell like cucumbers, you might be wondering if they smell like any other fruits, such as watermelons. I’m sorry to say that unfortunately not true and it is a misconception that has befallen the rattlesnake. There is a melon variety called the rattlesnake watermelon, which may have given idea to the superstition that if you can smell watermelons when you are not near a melon patch, there is a rattlesnake nearby. Some people say that certain freshly cut grass also smells like watermelons, so if a rattlesnake has been spotted near fresh cut grass this may also feed into the myth.

What does snake poop smell like?

If you’re put off the idea of snakes because of their smell, their poop is probably going to be a big concern for you. The truth is snake faeces do not smell any worse than any other pet’s might. When dried, snake poop is usually odourless or only has a very faint smell. Snakes will however do runny poos from time to time which do smell more pungent. Always keep on top of cleaning your snakes vivarium to prevent any smells and to prevent a build-up of faeces.


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What snake smells like a skunk?

A skunk is known for its nasty odour, some people have compared the cottonmouth snake as a snake which smells the closest to a skunk. This smell from the cottonmouth is also a musk that it produces when it feels threatened.

What does snake pee smell like?

Snakes urinate differently to mammals and do so directly through the cloaca. Snake pee smells quite pungent and this is the usual cause of snake’s vivarium smelling rather than faeces.

What smells do snakes hate and what smells keep them away?

If you are looking at preventing snakes, the best smell to use is ammonia. Snakes will not go anywhere that smells like ammonia. They are also said to dislike clove and cinnamon and that these spices can make good repellents.